Experts say that could increase scamming situations occur more frequently during the holiday season. Not only do these scams happen online, but offline too.

According to, QC financial professionals, says scams continue to happen over the phone and our elderly population are favorite targets.

While younger people are more likely to fall for a scam, seniors are losing the most money. Last year victims over 80 years old lost nearly $1,100. Scammers pose as family members in financial crisis and ask for wired money.

Moline Police offers this advice.

" Just hang up and call your daughter, son or grandchildren. Grandparents want to help their grandchild and if they would've just called their family, they would've found out that Ashley or Steve happened to be in the living room right at that moment or they're were just somewhere they saw them a few hours before."

The detective also shares that during the holiday season, being vigilant and doing your research before giving up any personal information is key to not falling victim of scammers.

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