Get to know members of the East Moline and Moline Police Departments at the National Night Out Against Crime. The event is taking place at Willow Springs Swimming Pool on Tuesday August 7 from 5PM - 7PM CT.

East Moline Poline Sargent Jeff Ramsey tells the Quad City Times that it's "really just to get together with the community, in a setting like that, and having fun." In addition it gives police officers a chance to interact with the public and give them some insight into what they do.

Most of the time our interactions with officers aren't all that pleasant. Either they've stopped us for a traffic violation. They're managing an accident scene we've been involved in. Or they're helping us navigate through some type of crime we've experienced. None of those are great opportunities to to learn about what they do and share a laugh or a conversation. They're working, and we're probably not in the greatest frame of mine either. National Night Out provides us that opportunity.

National Night Out event at Will Springs Swimming Pool is free to attend. The event will include K-9 and taser demonstrations, games, food, ice cream, a bounce house, dunk tank, swimming and police, fire and EMS vehicles. Willow Springs Swimming Pool is located at 3010 Archer Drive in East Moline. You don't wanna miss the K-9 demonstration. That's impressive to see!


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