While the John Deere Classic brings big-time professional sports to the Quad Cities every summer, with it comes big-city security procedures to ensure the event goes on without issues.

  • Knives, firearms or weapons of any nature
    • Even with a permit – violation is a felony ARS Sec. 13-3102
  • No cameras (Thursday – Sunday)
  • No bags larger than a small purse (6” x 6” x 6”), including lawn chair bags or umbrella sleeves
  • No posters, signs or banners
  • Coolers and beverages, other than a sealed water bottle or special items such as baby formula

There are stringent rules for mobile device use as well:

  • Device must be on silent at all times
  • Calls may be placed or answered only in designated “Cell Phone Zones”
  • Devices may not be used to capture audio/video at any time during tournament week
  • During practice and pro-am rounds, photography is permitted in all areas.
  • During official competition rounds, photography is prohibited within any areas of competition (i.e. teeing grounds, tee shot landing areas and on/around putting greens) or when requested by tournament staff, security, players, or player representatives.  Photography in non-competition areas is permitted.
  • Data use (e.g., texting, email, etc.) will be permitted outside of the designated “Cell Phone Zones” all week
    • Data use is not permitted when players are in position to compete (i.e., when QUIET PLEASE paddles are raised)

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