Iowa has a surprisingly large number of drive-in theaters. They all have an amazing history and offer a great time. One of these spots made a list of one of the best drive-ins.

Today we will be looking at a small town in Iowa with an iconic drive-in.

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One Of The Best Drive-In Theaters

This spot isn't too far from Davenport it's known as the Blue Grass Drive-In. It is a fan favorite for many locals. You can see more here,

Blue Grass Drive-InLocated at 774 W Mayne St, Blue Grass, IA 52726. Reopening this month! Blue Grass Drive-In is beginning its 9th full year and is excited to see you again. They open later this year, and have some great movies on the way! They've also added a few things over the years.

In 2019 we added our third projector, and in 2021 we added our fourth! Join us for unrivaled entertainment located right here in Blue Grass, Iowa.

It is a spot many recommended to friends and family members. It also made a list as one of the best in the state. "Only In Your State" Went on to say,

Fortunately, in the tiny town of Blue Grass, Iowa, they have a solution! The Blue Grass Drive-In Theater in Iowa is located in a small eastern Iowa town not far from Davenport, and it’s more than an ordinary drive-in. The unique, cube-shaped screen means that the theater can play up to four movies at the same time, much like a regular multiplex, and there are even some bonus attractions on site! It’s the perfect way to spend a summer night.

Next time you're looking for a great time with the family try a drive-in here in the great state of Iowa.

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