When going through the hiring process for a new job, testing for marijuana may be on the way out. New York City is considering a proposal that would prohibit companies that drug test from testing for the presence of marijuana. This according to Fox5ny.com.

Most of us at one time or another have had to take a drug test for a job. I worked one place where several good, qualified, job candidates didn't accept the position offered to them because they couldn't pass the drug screen. I've always wondered how much of that might be due to the candidates recreational use of pot.

With weed possession and use laws changing, I always wondered how employers might adjust their drug use screening process. Let's face it, no one should be baked on the job. However, getting high on your own time isn't all that different than catching a buzz from a six pack of Busch and a shot or two on Friday night.

New York City may be setting the precedent if their proposal to prohibit testing for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, becomes law. According to the Fox5ny.com New York City has relaxed the penalties for public pot smoking, and  the Manhattan DA has stopped prosecuting local low level marijuana cases. This after New York State legalized recreational pot use.

If the proposal passes, you can expect other cities and states to see how it works in New York City. Unless there are some major unintended consequences, I'd then expect to see similar proposals, and similar laws passed, in other states that are legalizing pot use. You might even see it in Illinois if Governor Prtizker legalizes weed for recreational use, which many believe will happen.


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