For those of you who live or work in Davenport, Iowa you may remember in late June when a huge sinkhole came about on East Locust Street. The Davenport Police Department had to shut down traffic in order to begin repairs for all the damage. However, during all the hustle and bustle of figuring out how to fix this giant hole in the street, officials unfortunately discovered a number of other issues lying below the pavement.

Officials uncovered several problems regarding water pipes and sewer lines that were thought to be the culprit of the sinkholes. As of June 30th, four broken sewer laterals and two lead water service lines had been identified while the status of a remaining 2/3 of the area of concern still remained up in the air awaiting inspection.

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As of right now, the additional areas awaiting inspection have been completed and unfortunately, even more, repairs will need to be made. The City of Davenport official website stated

"...additional needs were discovered, including gas lines that need to be relocated and lead water lines that will need to be replaced."

Originally, traffic was thought to resume after a few short weeks of repairs, but now officials are saying that construction could very well continue through the end of July and ask for your patience as they continue to work diligently to fix the problem for the citizens of the Quad Cities.

This is not an easy task to tackle so your cooperation is much appreciated as city staff continues to work as expeditiously as possible to restore the roadway.

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