It feels like "road work season" never really came to an end this year. Non-stop work has been taking place everywhere. From the I-74 bridge, pothole repairs, and many other projects, the Quad Cities are in constant road repair.

Even I-80 is doing sign repairs for the road signs destroyed or knocked down by the derecho in August.

With so much road work it can be hard to remember which lane or road is closed on what day. We have a way for you to sneak a peek at traffic and road work with our traffic cams tab on the KIIK 104.9 app.

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You can also view them by clicking here. While it's great to see roads, and bridges getting fixed, being late to work is never fun. Road work is already heavy, and it will only get worse as it gets warmer, keep and eye out an stay safe Quad Cities.

You can also report repairs needed to the roads. Learn more here.

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