2020 will go down as a year of many changes.  One of them for many people was the ability to work at home.  And while more offices around the country open up, some businesses are discovering they don't need as much office space because workers can just work at home.

Now if you want to stay close to the Quad Cities because of family, but can really move anywhere cause you now work at home, PCMag has released the best work at home cities in America.  Three of these cities are in Illinois.  Taylorville (ranked 44), Oswego (ranked 33) and Thomasboro (ranked 28).  Plus, one close in Reedsburg, Wisconsin (ranked 18).  If you want to stay in Iowa, well, you're going to have to move cause no city in Iowa made the top 60 list.

The top five work from home cities were Chattanooga, Tennessee as they took first place on the Best Work-From-Home Cities for 2021. In second place was the gated community of Bear Valley Springs, California. Third place goes to the small town of Pawlet, Vermont. Fourth place is claimed by Kaysville, Utah. In fifth place another place in Tennessee, Jonesbrough.

PCMag used many factors to determine their top 60 work from home cities breaking them down to affordability (home prices, internet prices) and livability (home size, home based workers, setting, coffee shops, local restaurants, education workers and health care workers)


Find out more about the study, the results, and where all the great places to live while working from home are here.

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