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You know what?  The Quad Cities really aren't that bad.  But if you read some comments on social media you might think this is the worst place in the world to live.  As somebody who has lived across this country and for a bit over 3 years here in the Quad Cities, I'm here to tell you that it's really not that bad.

The things you see on social media.

Reading comments online is dangerous.  That truly is where the trolls live and everything is always the worst.  I mean, just take a look at all these from a simple Facebook post about the Quad Cities being a cheap place to live.

A recent post that featured a study about the Quad Cities being the 4th cheapest place to live in the U.S. got this reaction.


And right from the start of the comments.  The worst place to live.  The car was stolen.


It keeps going with being boring.


And then it's the complaints about crime, police, roads, and jobs.  At least KJ chimed in with some common sense.


Oh but wait, there is plenty more.  If you want to really see the miserable, complaining, the sky is falling people of the Quad Cities, here is a post about how the Quad Cities is one of the best places to live according to U.S. News.

The normal complaints you hear about the Quad Cities.

What do the miserable people love to say about the Quad Cities?

  • It's so cold here.
    • I've lived in Northern Wisconsin.  It can be much, much worse.
  • It's so hot and humid here in the summer.
    • I've lived in Houston and Dallas, Texas.  It can be much, much worse.
  • The roads are so bad and traffic is terrible.
    • Welcome to America.  I think I left a piece of my car in St. Louis after a recent trip there.  And you haven't lived in traffic till you've lived in Houston where the busiest highway intersection in America is located.
  • The crime and shootings are just terrible.
    • Unfortunately, again, welcome to America.  If you want to get away from crime and shootings then find yourself a farm in the middle of nowhere and put up a fence around your property.
  • There is nothing to do here.
    • Then you aren't trying.  There is always something going on with events, sports, and music.
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Having lived in Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas, and now Iowa/Illinois...and in cities ranging from 50,000 people to 5,000,000 people...I can tell you that every city has its ups and downs.  And that your enjoyment of where you live will be more determined by you than the actual city.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why The Quad Cities Is A Good Place To Live.

The Quad Cities really aren't that bad. No matter where you live in the world there will be good things and bad things about that city and area. Ultimately it's up to you to make where you live a place of joy for you.


Are You QC AF? Take The Test.

If you are from the Quad Cities, there are certain things you do and say that folks from outside the area might not understand. Weather you’ve lived here your entire life, or just a couple years, it’s time to put your QC to the test to find out if you are “QC AF”.
Below are 25 questions to test your knowledge and life experience of the Quad Cities. Keep track and see where you rank. Then share it, if you aren’t ashamed, to show how QC you are.

25-20 points – You are QC AF!
19-15 points – Reppin’ the QC strong.
15-10 points – Average. You put the “C” in the QC.
10-5 points – Do you even QC bro.
5-0 points – Move back to Chicago.

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