Many areas are looking for people to hire, especially eateries. The Quad Cities has countless job opportunities right now. As things open back up, businesses are looking to fill up their staff again.

Driving through the Quad Cities this week I have seen so many fast food and other restaurants with signs saying "HIRING NOW!"

If you, or a family member are looking for a job, now is a perfect time. It's not just eateries. Many QC locations are looking for extra hands.

Summer jobs for teens and young adults are also very important. If your child is ready to get to work and make some extra money, countless spots are ready to hire. There are even Summer job clinics taking place in the Quad Cities. 

These clinics help with reviews of the basic forms of applications, resumes and job interviews for summer employment. It is a great time to learn, or get a refresher.

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Now is the perfect time to find a new path in the Quad Cities. I was excited to tell my sister about serving jobs opening up, she's excited to hopefully get started! As always stay safe, and good luck Quad Cities!

Museums Within Driving Distance of the Quad Cities

"There isn't a museum I won't go to. The stupider, the better."
Michaels' statement this morning sent us into a good hour of discussion about museums within driving distance of the Quad Cities. Our listening family has clued us in on little hole-in-the-wall museums we never even knew existed, and they're just a hop, skip and a jump away from us. 
Here's our highlights.

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