Have you ever wondered how a city runs? I mean beyond what you learned in a civics or government class? If you have, the City of Davenport wants to give you a front row seat to see what it takes to keep Davenport moving.

They want you to enroll in Davenport U. Davenport U is a nine week program connecting citizens to their government. It's a citizen's academy that's interactive where you'll learn about everything from the color of money to how the city prioritizes infrastructure projects and everything in between. According to the City of Davenport's Facebook post citizens will even get to go behind the scenes and see how the Police and Fire departments' train.

I had an opportunity a few years ago to go through a specific program when I lived in Lubbock, Texas geared towards exposing citizens to the various aspects of Lubbock's Law Enforcement agencies and it was a wonderful program that was very informative and fun. While less focused on one part of government, Davenport U seems like it's a great way to learn about where you live and connect with the officials and bureaucrats taking care of our business.

Davenport U runs for nine weeks on Monday nights from 6:00-8:00PM CT beginning March 25. Enrollment is limited and ends on February 22. If you would like to enroll in Davenport U the application is here. You can learn more about the event here.


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