A tale as old as time... scammers are out there, and they are so annoying. Today during my show I got a scam call on our radio's phone line. I thought it could make for a great interview to get this scammer on air with me... this is how our chat went.


Working in radio we get a lot of weird calls which is to be expected, but these scam calls always make me laugh the most. Where did they get our number? What name is tied to the number? Who knows.

The Call

It is a short call, sadly he did not want to chat much.

Clearly, these guys will target anyone and everyone. Stay safe out there Quad Cities!

Other Scams

Text scams are very popular right now. There are three of them happening in the area at the moment. You can learn more about those here. The most popular one is as follows,

The Link Click
This text is the most common, it's either claiming you owe money on taxes, money on a bet, or facing foreclosure. All scary stuff. This scare tactic is used to make you do something quickly... like click a link that steals your info. As always if you get a weird, or threatening text wait a second before clicking anything. It is highly unlikely that something that important would be sent through text.

Text message SMS scam or phishing concept

The other two are a little bit less known, and you can keep track of those here.

I hate these scammers, and I will always be happy to waste their time.

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