Every day scammers are finding new and annoying ways to ruin your day. For most these scams are nothing more than something to bother them, but sadly for some, they fall for these different types of scams.

Right now a significant type of scam is happening through text.

Now it's probably safe to say that if you get a text from a "reliable source" It's actually not reliable. There are a few text scams going on right now, and today we will look at all three.

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The Link Click

This text is the most common, it's either claiming you owe money on taxes, money on a bet, or facing foreclosure. All scary stuff. This scare tactic is used to make you do something quickly... like click a link that steals your info. As always if you get a weird, or threatening text wait a second before clicking anything. It is highly unlikely that something that important would be sent through text.

The Friendly Phone Call &Then Texts

So I've gotten one of these before. They call you and then they text you. At first, there is no link, this is to build trust with you since it's not like the popular link-click texts. But as always it eventually will lead to them sending you a link to click, or a number to call.


I Have Your Info Text

This one is newer and has gotten talked about a lot on TikTok. In short, someone steals your phone, and sends it to China... iPhones now has really solid security though, so these scammers in China will message you on your new phone claiming to have all your info (they don't) and then threaten to leak it online.

This again is a scare tactic to make you follow their directions as they walk you through turning off all your security to allow them to restart your phone and then sell it as "refurbished." These scammers make way more off the phone than they would selling your info, they just want to scare you into making the phone restartable.

There you have it, three popular ways scammers try to worm their way into your life. As always stay safe out there Quad Cities!

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Troy and Tina Sieverding are the owners of the incredible home. You would find this listing on the Dubuque Area For Sale By Owner website, but the site is down. After a follow-up, they told us the house is back on the market and at a lower price of $2.299 million. Those interested in their home can get more information by emailing the Sieverdings.
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