Scammers are just the worst. Talk about the ultimate losers, no-life criminals taking advantage of people when they least expect it. Usally a scammer will hit you when you are at a low and desperate OR when you're riding high, like right after you "win something" Today sad we are looking at a Facebook scammer who tried to pretend to be US 104.9 and take advantage of "winners."

All week long we were giving away different prizes here is what they were:

June 6th Prize: Chula Vista package: one-night stay in jr. suite which includes 4 passes to the water park, round of golf for 2, $25 to onsite restaurant, 2 child and 2 adult zipline adventures passes

June 7th Prize:  US 104.9 Concert prize pack: Winner receives a pair of Carrie Underwood & Thomas Rhett tickets!

June 8th Prize: Pair MVF fun cards

June 9th Prize: Pair MVF fun cards

June 10th Prize: US 104.9 Concert prize pack: Winner receives a pair of Carrie Underwood & Thomas Rhett tickets!

We had no problems until today sadly. This was so fun for all of us until a scammer came in and pretended to be us commenting on every person's post about the giveaway pretending that they won!


Absolutely disgusting. We tried to ban them, we tried to block them, but even though we are a verified account, this was clearly spam and a scam (Commenting the same thing 150 times doesn't raise a red flag Facebook?) Facebook not only wouldn't delete their page, but it wouldn't ban them from commenting either! Terrible, but to be expected from Facebook. It took over 10 minutes to just get the account banned from posting. At the time of writing this... The fake page is still up. So hey go report them. Here is their account.

We aren't letting this ruin the fun, we still have two more weeks of winning for you! It will all be through the app. You can learn about those prizes here! See you Monday!

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