If you've ever wanted a restaurant booth in your home, now is your time. Wise Guys dining room is getting a make over with new floors, new booths, and tables and chairs. That means Wise Guys is getting rid of their current booths. According to the restaurant's Facebook page if you want one, all you have to do is send them a Facebook message and arrange to pick it up by 11:00PM CT tonight. Of course, it's first come, first served.

Someone with a little flair for interior design could make these part of their kitchen remodel, or perhaps create a great hang out spot to play games in the basement. HGTV has a page of 20 Beautiful Kitchen Booths and Banquettes which you can check out here.

By the way, Wise Guys will only be offering delivery and pick up tomorrow, Tuesday February 19, as new floors and booths are installed in the restaurant. New tables and chairs are arriving in the next couple of weeks. The old tables and chairs, if you want them, will be sold by the restaurant after the new ones arrive.

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