The Quad Cities has experienced near record snow fall this winter. Now the National Weather Service is saying we can expect a lot more flooding this spring because of that.

The National Weather Service tells Local 4 News and to expect a busy spring. NWS hydrologist Jessica Brooks tells Local 4 that usually the Quad Cities has a 20% chance of reaching major flood stage at the Rock Island Arsenal. This year that chance goes up to 80%.

It's not just our own snow that'll cause us problems. It's all the snow that's fallen in Minneapolis / St. Paul. All of that snow melt will eventually come through the Quad Cities resulting in rising river levels on the Mississippi as well as all of it's tributaries. The amount of snow nearly assures the area will see minor flooding this spring, and maybe more.

So when will we need to worry about flooding potential? Perhaps as soon as this weekend according to Brooks. We're not getting our weekly weekend snow event. It's supposed to rain. That will cause rising river levels, a break up of ice, which could cause ice jams which is another major cause of flooding. The best thing that could happen in the Quad Cities is a gradual warm up. That'll melt the snow more slowly and reduce the risk of major flooding.

Ah yes. Mother Nature's gift that just keeps giving. The snow. Even after it all melts the after effects will still be around to snarl commutes; aggravate farmers trying to plant; and worry quad cities city officials trying to keep people and property safe. Perhaps it's time to look at relocating to a dryer arid climate. Of course, then you're dealing with drought. And that's less fun than flooding.


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