Something rare was spotted in Eastern Iowa this week. A motorist spotted an albino deer near Dubuque this week and seeing a deer that is pure white is very rare. The albino deer wasn't alone and it seems there will be another fully grown albino deer in the future.

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Most of the time when we see deer they are jetting out in front of our car in the middle of the night. If you're a hunter, you probably see deer more often than that. But I would bet most of the people reading this have never seen an albino deer before.

KCRG TV9 in Cedar Rapids received a photo submission of a motorist spotting the rare deer walking along a road in Eastern Iowa. The anonymous photo submitter said that the albino deer was seen on a road near Dubuque, IA on Thurday. You can see what the deer looks like in the photo submitted below:

The albino deer wasn't alone. This albino deer appears to be a doe as two fawns were following right behind her. One of those fawns appears also to be an albino deer as you can see in the photo from KCRG below:

An albino deer is very rare. According to, the chances of a deer being an albino are about one in 20,000. Albinism doesn't only happen to deer. Other animals and even humans can be albinos.

In short, albinism is a rare congenital condition where the cells in the body don't produce little or no melanin. Melanin gives animals and humans our pigmentation. Without melanin, skin, hair, and fur is white and typically come with other issues.

Spotting an albino deer is considered to be very lucky so if you spot one, go buy a lottery ticket.

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