Seeing a squirrel is no big deal. It's actually rare when you don't see a squirrel in Illinois or Missouri for that matter. One Illinois homeowner did have a rare encounter with one of these creatures you don't often see - an all-white Albino squirrel.

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This wild video share originated in Olney, Illinois with a one sentence explanation:

A rare encounter with an albino squirrel.

It's a white squirrel and there's not much a person can add to that other than watch.

How rare is an albino squirrel?

According to the website The Smokies, very rare. The odds of a squirrel being a true Albino are only 1 in 100,000. When you then try to figure out the odds of SEEING one of these little Albino guys, that's completely off-the-charts.

But, was this really an Albino squirrel?

Short answer - yes. They add that "a true albino has a lack of pigment due to a deficiency in the production of melanin". You can see this little squirrel's eyes are pinkish in color which means he's the real deal - an Albino squirrel.

Nice catch, Olney, Illinois person with the phone camera. Your little hovel in southern Illinois is home to a very rare type of squirrel.

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