When you want something done, leave it to the pros. When it comes to nut gathering, it doesn't get any more "pro" than a squirrel in Illinois who has obviously mastered his skill as a new video share proves.

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This short but sweet video was just shared recently showing a fox squirrel who's apparently eaten everything and all of it. Here's the description from the video share:

A fox squirrel braved the snowy weather to bulk up on peanuts as winter weather struck Oakwood, Illinois.

If you're not familiar with where Oakwood, Illinois is just think the Danville area. This squirrel is definitely the king of his yard.

I have nothing profound to add other than my family lives in the country so we see a lot of animals. When I see them preparing extra hard with food gathering, I know that winter weather is imminent. If this squirrel is packing nuts away, he's preparing meals for when they're harder to find. Other than the Farmer's Almanac, that's about the most accurate weather forecasting you're ever gonna get. Squirrels are pros and squirrels know.

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