Fall 2023 is going to be a great one, and it could be even better with this list. Fall in the Midwest is always a fun time of the year, and even though it flies by... you still have time to catch some fun adventures at local spots.

Today we are looking at a list of fantastic fall festivals. You can also see a full list here.


This list is a result of "Only In Your State" which went on to say,

To make sure you’re getting the most out of the season, we’ve rounded up a list of seven of the best fall festivals in Illinois for you to check out.


Five Of The Best Illinois Fall Festivals 

5. Galena Oktoberfest located in Galena, IL

4. Apple 'N Pork Festival located in Clinton, IL

3. Prairie Land Heritage Museum Steam Show & Fall Festival Days located in South Jacksonville, IL

2. Apple Festival located in Grafton, IL

Now it's time to check out a festival some call the best in Illinois. The number one ranked spot is as follows.


1. Morton Pumpkin Festival

Thia spot is located in Morton, Illinois. This festival is over 50 years old and is in the Pumpkin Capital of the World. Only In Your State say,

Annually, the Central Illinois town hosts three days' worth of pumpkin-themed events, such as a parade, a pumpkin weigh-off, a pumpkin decorating contest, a recipe challenge, a pie eating contest, a craft market, live entertainment, and much more. The event attracts tens of thousands from across the Midwest who can't wait to dive head-first into this wondrous fall land.

Will you be visiting these awesome festivals this year? You can see even more of them here.

Quad Cities Pumpkin Patches

It's pumpkin pickin' time in the Quad Cities. Pumpkins make great fall decorations and they are obviously fun to carve. If buying a pumpkin at a store doesn't cut it and you want the full experience of a pumpkin patch, we have the full list of pumpkin patches throughout the Quad Cities. If we are missing any local pumpkin patches, email us here.

World's Largest Arcade is in Illinois

This place is the largest arcade in the USA, with over 885+ games to play, and it's not like any arcade you've been to before. 

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