Valentine's Day is this Sunday and many people enjoy a nice, romantic dinner to celebrate this romantic holiday. The great part about Valentine's Day being during a


weekend is that couples really have a full weekend to either go out or order in and enjoy a delicious meal. If you go out to eat between Friday and Sunday, don't be surprised if you see a lot of well dressed people enjoying a romantic dinner.

It hasn't been a full year yet since the U.S. fully shut down since the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the country, which means this is really the first Valentine's Day in the new COVID-19 era. Many people last year were still going out and enjoying Valentine's Day dinners in restaurants. While many people are still nervous about going out to eat in a restaurant, remember both Iowa and Illinois restaurants in the Quad Cities are open for dine-in service. Most restaurants in the QC also offer carryout and/or delivery services for those wanting to eat a romantic dinner at home.

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If you're not sure where to go or get food from this weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day, don't worry, we have the perfect list for you. These restaurants have high-end, gourmet meals that will surely wow your significant other.

Whether you are heading out for a fancy dinner this weekend, or your taking home to enjoy it, have a very happy Valentine's Day!

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