Attention Quad Cities - There is a thief among us, and they are stealing dead bikers!

This creatively decorated skeleton and motorcycle have been seen hanging out on 7th Street in Moline since November 2021. Every holiday, the homeowner's mother comes by and decorates the Ghost Rider to match the occasion.

Appallingly, some joy-killer decided to sneak up and statch the Ghost Rider from the yard. It is suspected that the theft was committed on Monday, February 28th.


Birthday Decorations [Diane Green Mattson][/caption]The homeowner's birthday was February 25th, his mother thoughtfully dressed up the Ghost Rider with "Happy Birthday" decor to celebrate her son's special day. Three days later, it all went missing.


Valentines Day Decorations [Diane Green Mattson][/caption]The Mother and Decorator of the Ghost Rider, Diane Green Mattson, is not happy about the theft, as she has put a lot of time and effort into making this unique decoration.

"I feel sad that people have to resort to stealing instead of enjoying what’s right in front of their eyes… This is something that I enjoy doing and hoped others would enjoy it and it would put a smile on their face… To me, it’s a one-of-a-kind decoration for a yard, and for someone to steal it, how are they going to enjoy themselves knowing they can’t leave it out to be noticed by others?"


New Year Decorations [Diane Green Mattson][/caption]Diane Green Mattson told 97X that her brother initially bought the motorcycle at a garage sale for $10. "I think he had it in his yard decorating it for Halloween and just decided to get rid of it, so I took it up to my son's house…I thought it would be fun to decorate it every holiday for people that drive by to enjoy, have a laugh, or smile when they saw it."


Christmas Decorations [Diane Green Mattson][/caption]So far, Diane Green Mattson has decorated the Ghost Rider in themes of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years', Valentine's Day, and Her son's Birthday.


Thanksgiving Decorations [Diane Green Mattson][/caption]The homeowner was obviously not happy about the theft either, as he posted this on his Facebook page:

This theft is very upsetting, as it did in fact bring joy to neighbors and passersby.

The family wants their beloved Ghost Rider back, If anyone has any information regarding the stolen decor, email


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