"Few creatures of the night have captured our imagination like vampires."

But if you were a vampire, where (other than Transylvania) would you live?  Well, the folks at lawnlove.com have figured out the best and worst places to live if you happen to be a vampire.

Let's start with the worst places to live for a vampire

Screaming vampire

These should be pretty obvious.  Where is it sunny 300-plus days a year?  Not a good place for those that need to avoid the sun.

That is why the 10 worst cities are all in California, Nevada, and Arizona.  The top spot goes to Surprise, Arizona.  Good for spring training baseball.  Not for vampires.

Although North Las Vegas also made the top 5 worst places for vampires.  Feels like all the good stuff (or bad stuff that is good) happens after dark in Vegas anyway.  So I think this could work for the creatures of the night.

Before getting to Illinois, what about Iowa?

Vampire Couple

If you are an Iowan and just don't want to move, but happen to be a vampire, then the best place for you is Des Moines.  It's the only city in Iowa on the list coming in at number 66.

Wisconsin has two cities good for vampires.  Madison is actually in the top 10 at number 9 and Milwaukee coming in at 31.

Illinois is a popular state for vampires.

Close up of a vampire woman's mouth
Kamil Macniak

In order to find the best states for vampires, lawnlove.com looked at cities with plenty of warm bodies, blood centers, and vampire-friendly dwellings — aka casket suppliers and homes with basements. They also considered deterrents like garlic festivals and sunshine and community and entertainment factors, such as vampire groups, nightlife options, and vampire tours.

Coming in as the second-best city in America for vampires, it should be no surprise, that it's sweet home Chicago.

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But oh wait, that is just the start of the Illinois list.  Coming in at number 17 is Rockford Illinois.  Followed closely by Naperville, Illinois at number 20.

Joliet, Illinois comes in as the 45th best place for a vampire to live.  And rounding out the list for the Land of Lincoln is Aurora as the 58th best place in America to live if you are a vampire.

You can take a look at the full ranking below and then see more reasons why your city is more likely to have vampires than others at lawnlove.com.

No matter where you are, if you are worried about Drac and the crew, stay in the sun.  Carry garlic and silver.  And put on a turtle neck just to be safe.


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