It's always a big deal at parties when you take a big fall, but somehow don't spill a drop of the beer in your hand. Now, if it was a baby, I'd probably drop that thing in an instant. I don't think it's a priority thing, I think it's just something hardwired in us all.

Security camera footage shows the exact moment a man was struck by an SUV while he was trying to leave a convenience store, tossing him back inside.

Martin County Sheriff's Office via Facebook
Martin County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Deputies with the Martin County Sheriff's Office said the driver of the SUV (a 21-year-old woman) tried to hit the brakes of her vehicle, but accidentally pressed in on the gas pedal, sending her and her SUV into the man and the front doors of the convenience store.

The wild and graphic video shows the man, wearing a blue shirt, walking towards the door of the convenience store with the spoils he had just purchased, when the SUV struck him in the waist, tossing him into the air and back into the store.

Deputies said in their Facebook post that he had to be transported to the hospital with injuries to his face from broken glass, but is expected to make a full recovery. He was apparently in a decent mood when officials arrived.

"While first responders tended to the victim, he was talking and remained in unusually good spirits, asking deputies if his beer he just purchased was ok," Martin County Sheriff's Office said.

The sheriff's office said this incident was "Just short of a miracle," that the man was essentially uninjured, other than the broken glass wounds he received.

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