People are always trying to make a quick buck. Typically when we hear of scams, it comes from a law enforcement agency, but this warning comes from a local jewelry store in Clinton. This scam involves what the jewelry store calls "gas station" rings to be used as collateral for people to get money from people while giving away a ring that's not worth anything.

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It's hard not to give credit to scammers for creative ways of taking money from people. It's really hard to feel bad for those who fall for these scams because some are really lucrative. A new scam is impacting residents in Clinton and this one is very creative but easy to avoid.

Don's Jewelry (200 Main Ave) in Clinton put up a social media post on Thursday warning people in Clinton and folks in the Quad Cities about a scam that has people really frustrated.

In the social media post, Don's Jewelry says they have had a few "gas station" rings brought into the store recently. What are "gas station rings"? Don's explains:

"Someone comes up to you at the gas station, needing gas, and they forgot their wallet. Kids are with them so it tugs on your heartstrings. They don't want a hand out so they offer you their gold ring, which is stamped 18KT, in exchange for gas money."

Don's Jewelry says that these rings are brass, gold plated, and falsely stamped 18KT. They aren't 18KT gold rings and they are actually worthless.

Don's Jewelry says "do not fall for the scam."

Whether it's a ring, watch, bracelet, cellphone, credit card, etc., do not take the item as collateral for them to pay you back. You won't see the person ever again and the money you just gave them is gone forever.

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