Another scam is going around the Quad Cities. This time, it involves the Davenport Police Department, which is also putting out a warning for residents who are affected. The scam involves someone getting a text claiming to be from the Davenport Police Department selling shirts. Davenport police warn people that clicking on the link could cause them serious trouble.

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On Sunday, the Davenport Police Department put out a post on social media about a scam going around the Quad Cities. The unfortunate part is that the scammers are using Davenport police as a way to steal money and/or information.

In their post on Sunday, the Davenport Police Department said that while those with cellphones get numerous text messages throughout the day from people they know, people need to be wary about messages that come from an unknown sender. Those who are the unknown senders are most likely trying to steal personal information.

Recently, the Davenport Police Department has been alerted that some Davenport residents received, or still are receiving, text messages selling t-shirts for the department. Officials from Davenport PD confirmed that those text messages are a scam.

Officials from the Davenport Police Department said they are not sending these text messages. They are also warning the community not to click on the link in the text message or reply back and provide any personal information.

The Davenport Police Department is not selling t-shirts through text message and is not affiliated with this in any form.

Anyone who needs more information on how to recognize and report spam and scams can find more details by clicking here.

If you encounter spam and scams in the Quad Cities, never hesitate to contact local law enforcement via email, social media, or through a non-emergency phone number.

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