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Do you like beer? Do you like money? Do you like solving puzzles? Well, an alcohol company who likes to make a huge deal about announcing a new flavor wants you to guess their new mystery flavor. If you can pull it off, you could land yourself $10,000.

According to, Steel Reserve Alloy Series is adding its eighth flavor to their drink collection and doing it in a very fun way. This new flavor is a mystery to everyone except those brewing the beer, and those a great taste palette and who guess the mystery flavor correctly will have a chance to win $10,000.

Steel Reserve Alloy Series Mystery Flavor
Steel Reserve Alloy Series Mystery Flavor

According to a press release obtained by, trying to guess the mystery flavor is pretty simple. Here is how you take your guess at the Mystery Flavor

  • Find the Mystery Flavor can
  • Drink the beer
  • Scan the QR code which will then take you to
  • Submit your guess.

If you want to just take a shot in the dark or can't work a QR code, you can also visit to enter your guess as well. You can also also have the opportunity to receive three to five clues via the email they send you.

If you guess the flavor correctly, then you will be entered into the pool of correct answers and they will draw at random for someone to win the $10,000 grand prize. If you don't guess the flavor correctly, that's not the worst either! If you participates you'll be entered to win $500.

You have until Saturday, October 31st, also know as Halloween, to get your guess in. Winners will be selected and notified between October 31st and November 13th. Steel Reserve Alloy Series will announce their new mystery flavor to the public on November 13th.

Here is a list of the current flavors from Steel Reserve Alloy Series

  • Spiked Punch
  • Spiked Tropic Storm
  • Spiked Blue Razz
  • Spiked Strawberry Burst
  • Hard Pineapple
  • Spiked Watermelon

According to Steel Alloy Brewery's website, their are about 11 locations in the QC where you can buy their product. Click here for more details on those locations.

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