(Photo: Craig busted eating Tami's Girl Scout cookies)

As you get older, you begin to appreciate the simple things. At this time of year, one of the simplest pleasures are Girl Scout cookies. Nothing takes the chill off winter like a Tagalong and a glass of milk... except a dozen Tagalongs and a glass of milk.

Another Girl Scout cookie campaign begins this Friday, and after sampling Tami's sample pack from the Girl Scouts (just to make sure they weren't poisoned or something) I can testify to this year's cookies being as tasty as ever.

Of course, the cookies help raise funds for the Girl Scouts many programs and initiatives. But, this year you'll also be helping the troops by donating a box of cookies to the Soldier's Angels and Riverbend Troop support organizations.

So, get your orders ready for Friday, and let me know if you need any of your cookies tested once they arrive.

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