Sure, taking the elevator is the easy way to come down 11 stories. But this summer in the Quad Cities, you could literally just walk down the side of the building.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is hosting a fundraiser where participants will have the opportunity to rappel down the Hotel Blackhawk this August. Those who decide to go "over the edge" will raise funds for the organization, with a goal of $1000.

That reached, participants will rappel down all 140 feet of the building, to loved ones and onlookers at the bottom. Anyone can register to rappel if they want, provided they are between 100 and 300 lbs.

All ages are welcome, but participants under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian approval on the waiver. For full details and requirements, check here. The rappeling will take place on August 24 and 25, open to anyone to watch.

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