This weekend kicks off many people's favorite time of the year... Halloween! You can never go wrong with a good scare and some great fun. This weekend a lot of that fun begins. Here are some awesome things you can do with your friends and family.

Enjoying Halloween Party in Nightclub

Let's start with some family fun!

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Pumpkin Patches

A lot of pumpkin patches opened in September, but you are set to see them all this weekend, and just to make it easier for you we have an entire list of every pumpkin patch in the Quad Cities area for you! Now you can find the one that is best for the family or the one that's closest. Click here to see. Or you can see the list below.


"Darker Side Of Davenport Walking Tour"

A spooky event with some history about Davenport! Perfect for the Halloween season.

Once called “The Wickedest City in America,” Davenport, Iowa has a long and checkered past. From being a hub for gangsters, thieves, brothels, and flophouses, to ghosts who still beg to be seen, Davenport has a story to tell, and it’s dark.

This event kicks off on the 30th. You can learn more here.

Igor’s Bistro  Black Light Dining

Enjoy this Halloween treat every Saturday night in October. It's the Quad Cities’ only Halloween-themed restaurant, and now it's hosting "Black Light Dining."

Igor’s Bistro is shutting off the LEDs and turning on the black lights in our dining room for an eerie, psychedelically fun evening. Wear your Halloween costume, or wear white clothes to get the full effect of the black lights. The black lights turn on at sundown.

You can learn more here.

Haunted Houses

Get ready for another season of awesome haunted houses! Some were even open last weekend, but many kick off this weekend. You can see a full list of every haunted house in the QCA here. Or you can see the list below.


Hopefully, these events will get you in the Halloween spirit as we enjoy another great October!

Quad City Pumpkin Patches

It's pumpkin pickin' time in the Quad Cities. Pumpkins make great fall decorations and they are obviously fun to carve. If buying a pumpkin at a store doesn't cut it and you want the full experience of a pumpkin patch, we have the full list of pumpkin patches throughout the Quad Cities. If we are missing any local pumpkin patches, email us here.

Quad City Haunted Houses

Spooky season is here Quad Cities! Haunted houses are open and we know you want to get your scare on. We have the full list of Quad City haunted houses you need to visit before Halloween.

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