Being the new guy in town and a huge pizza lover I'm totally jazzed with the number of local/regional pizza places to try. A couple of weeks ago my wife Kathy and I decided we wanted to try some of these pizza places. The first place we tried was Johnny's Pizza and Slices. You can read that blog here. On Friday we decided to try one of the two pizza places people told me was a must try pizza place since I came to town: Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream.

We ordered two medium pizzas from Happy Joe's. One was a sausage and pepperoni pie with the original thin crust. The other was the BBQ Joe with Canadian Bacon and the original thin crust. I chose the sausage and pepperoni because my buddy Jason said the sausage was great and I like pepperoni. It did not disappoint. The cheese blend and sauce was tasty and the sausage tasty without being too spicy. The crust was perfect too, a little over done at the edges that gave it a nice crispy bite without the crust being overdone all over.

Kathy liked the BBQ Joe. She felt the crust had a pretzel kind of quality: Crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside. She also liked mix of cheeses and felt the bbq sauce didn't overwhelm the other flavors in the pizza. The amount of Canadian Bacon on the pizza was very generous as well.

One thing Jason warned me about was the price. Happy Joe's isn't a cheap pizza. The two medium 12" pizzas cost us about $40. That's a little spendy. That said the medium pizzas with the toppings we had were more than enough for dinner, and three slices for lunch on Saturday. The verdict: Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream makes our pizza rotation.

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