I’m sure most of us have seen the miniature libraries scattered around the area. That is what this small wooden structure appears to be at first glance. However, the 32 by 24-inch cupboard is full of food and toiletry items instead of books and aims to help those who cannot make ends meet.

Mini Library
Mini Library

The first one I saw was right outside of Grace Lutheran Church on 1140 East High Street right here in Davenport sits one of the locations for the newfound community project. Written across the front of the pantry reads “take what you need, leave what you can” and all items inside are completely free for the taking. There are several other locations scattered across the Quad Cities area! The pantries hold supplies like canned goods, toilet paper, hygiene products, and even perishable items like potatoes and bread.

The founder of the project, Nancy Barton, plans to include things like hats and gloves in the cold winter months as well as random items for children in the area like crayons, coloring books, etc. Her son, Brett, is responsible for creating and installing the boxes throughout the city and all the pantries are constructed with recycled materials. Nancy Barton can be contacted at 563-650-9688 for additional information or any questions Quad Citizens may have.

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How To Get Community Help

If you or someone you know is in need of a little help, there is no shame in that! Please look into the locations listed below and pay a visit to the pantries to take what you need. Or, if you are willing and able, feel free to stop by any of the locations and add supplies for your community. Whether it be a single can of soup or a whole bag of potatoes, everything helps!


  • Grace Lutheran Church, 1140 East High Street
  • Park View Lutheran Church, 14 Grove Road
  • Hillsdale United Methodist Church, 124 Butzer Street
  • Blue Grass Community Club Park, north side of Part Avenue
  • East Moline Public Library, 740 16th Avenue
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church, 405 7th Avenue

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