A few weeks ago we told you there was a new addition to the Blank Park Zoo in Iowa.

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A 6-foot, 125-pound male giraffe was born Monday, January 18, at Blank Park Zoo, Des Moines. His parents are Skye, a 6-year-old giraffe who has lived at the zoo since 2015 and dad is Jakobi, a 15-year--old giraffe.

Now the sweet baby needs a name and we can help.

  • Mosi - meaning 'first born'
  • Raza - meaning 'hope'
  • Ikemba (Kemba) - meaning 'strength of a nation,' 'power of the people,' 'full of faith'

Hurry though....voting opened Friday and will continue through tomorrow Feb. 2. The winning name will be announced Feb. 3.

Here's where you vote blankparkzoo.com/vote Keep in mind, voting is free, but the zoo has been negatively impacted by the pandemic. If you want to donate, I'm sure the zoo would appreciate it. Donate here blankparkzoo.com/donate .

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