Most businesses want you to know where they are.  They actually spend a lot of money advertising to tell you where they are.  But Iowa's most secret, hidden gem, exclusive, bar does not advertise.  In fact, they don't even have signs at the bar.  They have a website but even that is hard to find.

A very cool hidden speakeasy awaits you but only for a limited time.

Cellar 626

Cellar 626 has been around for quite some time.  Just because they have been around and are now a destination for people doesn't mean they are changing what they do.

In 2015, Cyclone Liquors decided they needed a bigger tasting room for the classes they were holding.   During the process of building the tasting room, they decided to add a bar and then a cooler door.  Then it became a speakeasy which according to the website says went "well over the original budget".

The secret is out for those looking for hidden gems like this one.  It was featured in USA Today’s coolest bar in each state but the owners say "It continues to be a private chill atmosphere that is not advertised and still remains a secret to many in central Iowa."

Signature Drinks at Cellar 626

The drinks are all named after current and former owners and employees of Cyclone Liquors and Cellar 626.

One of them, above is the "Smoked Stan" which is an Old Fashion "some more ingredients" and smoke.

This cool video shows you what to expect during their limited time open.

So you want to check out Cellar 626?  Don't think you can just roll up any day and time.  They are only open Thursday and Friday 4:00 pm-11:00 pm.

You'll find Cella 626 at Cyclone Liquors 626 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa.  Just be sure to head to the back door.

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