Daiquiri Factory owner Kyle Peters is excited to bring his vision and that Daiquiri Factory vibe to downtown Davenport.

Kyle has owned and run the original Daiquiri Factory in Rock Island for 17 years and will continue to own and operate that location.  But, the same drinks and fun atmosphere will now be available in Downtown Davenport as well.

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Kyle purchased the building at 303 W. 3rd St, the old Shenanigans Irish Pub, at the end of 2020.  When DF2 opens in July, don't expect it to look anything like it did, and does right now.  Kyle and his team are gutting and planning a full remodel inside and out.  He says while the Rock Island location has that New Orleans vibe, this location will have more of an Austin feel to it.  As you can see in the artist renderings below, big open windows, garage doors and unlike the Rock Island location, downtown Davenport will offer food.

Kyle says "The kitchen will be run by Amanda Kernan who runs Café Fresh in Moline.  So not only will you get that Daiquiri Factory vibe you're used to in The District, but you'll now also have badass food to go along with it."

What other events and themes can you expect at the new location?  Everything and anything.  Kyle says this will be a versatile place that can be great for food and a drink, a late night out and even live music events.

"I want to thank all the rock and music fans that have made Daiquiri Factory a success in The District.  Events like Rock the District and other shows we've put on will continue in Rock Island, and now we can expand on those into Downtown Davenport."


If all goes according to schedule, the new location will be open by early July.

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