I feel so fortunate I'm able to see American Bald Eagles nearly every day. I see them near the river as I drive to work along River Drive in Davenport and they also fly over my home on occasion.

The Quad City area is a popular nesting place for these great birds. According to their website, Arconic (formerly Alcoa) reported the first sight of an eagle egg in the nest. With their 'eagle cam' we can watch the family of eagles care for their egg (so far only one has been spotted), and hopefully the egg will hatch in mid to late March.

Watch the Arconic eagle cam here. There are updates posted often on the website; there's even a Facebook page with posts about the parents (named Liberty and Justice) sightings and activities.

Be careful. The eagle cam can be addictive and at times a little gross. Once the eaglet hatches parents bring some pretty gory food for the little one. You may see parts of fish, rabbits and rodents brought to the nest to feed the eaglet. Best not to watch while eating your lunch!

Decorah Eagle Cam/YouTube
Decorah Eagle Cam/YouTube

You can see more eagle cams and nests here.



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