I should have realized the solution for this sooner. It's really the same solution you use when you scuba dive or snorkel.

If you're properly wearing your mask you'll need to cover your nose as well as your mouth. If you wear glasses like i do, the glasses fog immediately when you place your mask over your nose. Here's the solution.

Start by improving the seal around your nose at the top of your mask. Ensure the mask is tight around your face and sealed as much as possible and here's the snorkel trick. While some snorklers spit into their mask to reduce fog, others use simple liquid detergent like Dawn.

Rinse your glasses in water and run a bit of Dawn dishwashing detergent over the lenses as well. Dry the lenses using a soft cloth. That should do it.

Some suggest using vinegar. That just smells bad to me and the anti-fog wipes may work, but they're expensive. Give good old dishwashing soap a try. Worked for me.

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