November 14th is National Pickle Day and a good way to celebrate is to devour pickles.

Quad Citians  have spoken and here are two ways to eat the beloved pickle at two different local restaurants.

Cream Cheese Pickles
Café Fresh/Instagram Phot


If you like your pickles wrapped in cream cheese you'll love these appetizers at Café Fresh in downtown Moline. What's really great is when you order a sandwich, one of these babies adorns the plate along side your food or you can get this deliciousness as a full appetizer.






If you like your pickles fried, try these bad boys at River House in downtown Moline. The spears are fried, the batter is delectable and the dipping sauce is out of this world. Quad Citians love these.

Fried Pickles
River House/Instagram Photo














However you enjoy your pickles; fried, wrapped in cream cheese and ham or just plain out of the jar, we hope you have a tasty National Pickle Day! My mouth is watering.

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