Summer has (un)officially begun and for many it's time to think about fireworks. Sales for fireworks in Iowa begin Friday.

According to our Local 4 News partner, the firework business is growing in the state and in the Quad Cities.

Crossroads Fireworks is the first storefront to sell the pyrotechnics on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities. It's also the only fireworks business in the Iowa Quad Cities that's not a pop-up tent.

Here are some things you should know if you plan to buy.

Businesses in Iowa can't officially start selling their fireworks for the season until June 1st.

Crossroads Fireworks will open doors 9:30 p.m. Thursday and fire  up the registers at midnight.

There are still restrictions on fireworks despite being legal to sell in Iowa.

Retailers also have to be more than a thousand feet away from residential districts.

Sparklers are not included in the ordinance.


Here's where you can learn more about Scott County firework laws. Be safe and avoid breaking the law.

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