It’s the story everyone is following. The Coronavirus is on all of our minds. Thousands of articles are written and shared about it daily. From maps of affected areas, live updates, and so much more. These links are usually, for the most part, very helpful.

Sadly though multiple scammers, and hackers are using this panic and want for information to hurt others, and steal personal information. We have been told multiple times to always check a link before clicking, but when a friend shares a post with a title like “3 Dead In Iowa from Coronavirus” It’s hard not to click it. These scammers are using fake news and dramatic headlines to get you to click, and once you click they win.

These links usually take you to either a sketchy sight that has nothing to do with the title, or a poorly written article that keeps you engaged just long enough to try and steal your info. Most of the time if all of your things are correctly protected you will be fine, but for those who may not understand the internet as well and have less protected information might find themselves more vulnerable.

These scammers are just trying to usually do one of three things. Get your phone number to send you spam calls. Get you to download malware, or if they are malicious they will try to figure out your unprotected passwords.

The best way to avoid this is again, check if the link is safe just by reading it. Next see who wrote it, if it’s not a publication you know, just don’t click it. Finally if a friend or loved one shared it on something let them know that the link could be damaged and unsafe.

In a time of concern it is important not to panic and check multiple sources before sharing something. Stay safe out there, Quad Cities.

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