It's been a tough start for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He's been trotted out to make questionable claims about crowd size, and a variety of other topics. He's been mercilessly - and brilliantly - ridiculed by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live.

Spicer's latest challenge has been getting the names of foreign leaders right during his press conferences. This week he referred to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as "Joe."

The unforgiving internet is never one to let such a faux pas pass without ridicule, so the good folks at the Sydney Morning Herald present the Sean Spicer Name Spicerizer. Type in your name to find out how Spicey would botch your name should you ever find yourself unfortunate enough to be mentioned in one of his press conferences.

Make sure you post your results in the comments section of this article on our Facebook page. By the way, 'he' made me "Craigin Michaleen."

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