It's normal to see a bathroom with a double sink or a three-car garage, but does this sound normal to you - a bathroom with not one, NOT TWO, but FOUR toilets! This House in Milwaukee has one, and you have to see it!
This house located in South Milwaukee Wisconsin has a communal bathroom, with 4 toilets and 4 sinks back to back. This $450,000 house is pinpointed at 300 Hawthorne Ave, South Milwaukee, WI 53172 containing 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
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The 3,913 square foot Milwaukee home was the first ever built on Hawthorne Avenue in 1851. Though the home was built long ago, it has been maintained and upgraded with modern touches. Hardwood Floors and beamed ceilings extend through the living and porch areas of the home, giving it a warm cozy feeling. Major updates have been installed within the home, including new plumbing, electrical, fixtures, appliances, etc.
Not only does the home have 4 toilets in one room, but it also has 2 kitchens and 2 living rooms. A perfect apartment-style house to split with roommates, family members, or a separate rental person. In the past, the house was donated to the Girl Scouts of America, who made additions including the unique bathroom. Since 1851, several people have owned this house and no one added partitions to the bathroom. Could the new owners be the ones to make the addition?

South Milwaukee home features 4-toilet communal bathroom

Pictures of the unique farmhouse from Zillow.

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