Starting on June 1, the Humane Society of Scott County will be "removing breed labels from dogs" as part of its "breed-free" initiative.

According to the Humane Society's website, the goal in doing this is to create a positive impact for the animals and lead to more personalized matchmaking in finding the doggos homes.

The Humane Society wants to avoid animals being breed-cast and the shelter doesn't want a family or a potentially good home for a dog skipping out on an animal because of its listed breed.

The Humane Society says that they can't really know the breed of a dog without knowing its ancestry (although doggie DNA tests are a thing, more on that in a second) and that they can't predict the behavior of a dog based on its breed.

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The new initiative from the Humane Society argues that despite a DNA test, you can't tell what part of the dog is whatever breed that it is. Here's a few pics from the Animal Farm Foundation in a Facebook post by the Humane Society:

Sarah Stringer
Humane Society of Scott County FacebookSarah Stringer

Humane Society of Scott County Facebook

So What Happens Going Forward?

If you want to adopt a pup, you'll meet the pups like normal but you won't see a breed. Here's what the Humane Society will put into place on adoptions:

Our staff will work with you to find the best fit based on what qualities you are looking for in a dog rather than using breed typecasts. When someone comes in to adopt a dog, we want them to see the dog standing in front of them, not the dog they think they will get based on the breeds listed on an information sheet.

For more details on the Humane Society's breed-free initiative, click here.

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