This sweet boy is named Chance and his current home is the Humane Society of Scott County. Their the organization that we help with our Pet of The Week feature on B-100 and KIIK 104.9. According to the Humane Society of Scott County Chance has spent most of his life with his mouth tied shut. That is, until they gave him a new lease on life.

This winter the shelter has seen a lot of animals like Chance. Animals that have some sort of medical emergency the shelter needs to address when an animal comes under their care.

They do this through their Trippa fund. Money that's set aside specifically to help the shelter cover the costs of emergency medical needs. Earlier today the shelter put out an appeal to their supporters on Facebook to make a $5 dollar donation to this specific fund because after this winter it's running low.

Pam and her team do an excellent job of helping all the animals that come to them. So I wanted to share this appeal with you. If cash isn't something you can give, the shelter is always looking for volunteers. You can learn more about that here.

As for Chance, the scar across his snout is permanent. His memory, however, is not permanent. He has the ability to forget how he's been treated and look forward to a new life with a great family that'll love him. If you're looking for a dog to love, I'd urge you to go visit him today.


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