One of my favorite parts of the internet are sites and places that expose me to people. Not super stars, sports stars or viral taste makers. I mean people just like you and me. Average, every day folks. People who get up, go to work, have successes, have failures. People living their life.

One of my favorite places has been the Humans of New York Facebook page. If you're unfamiliar with it, it's a picture of someone out and about in New York. I guess, the artist shooting the photo, then asks the person to share their personal story or thoughts. Then the picture and story gets posted on Facebook. It's a nice glimpse into someone's life.

So I found myself excited to see this article in the Quad City Times talking about the return of a Facebook page entitled Humans of the Quad Cities. I didn't know there had been a Humans of the Quad Cities Facebook page, much less that there was one that was back.

It's stories like this one from two women who were once married to the same guy...

Or the ladies who are skee ball champions. I didn't even know that was possible in the Quad Cities.

The page is now being run by Kelly Rehnberg whose also the owner of Cadenza Photo Imaging. I'll let her announcement on the Humans of the Quad Cities Facebook page speak speak for itself. Myself I'm heading over there to "like" and "follow" the page.

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