The new year have brought the legalization of recreational marijuana to Illinois.

Hundreds of people patiently waited to make their first purchase at Nature's Treatment of Illinois in Milan, Illinois on New Year's Day.  Some arrived as early as 10:30 p.m. Many people chose to celebrate New Year's Eve at the dispensary to make their first legal purchase, according to WQAD.

Shannon Ballegeer, manager at Nature’s Treatment of Illinois in Milan, announced that they sold to 760 people. That amount was announced on Wednesday as inventory was being counted for the second day of business. 250 people will be allowed into the recreational side today (Jan. 2), according to their Facebook page.



Customers were restricted to edibles and vape cartridges Wednesday as no cannabis flower will be sold to recreational users for likely weeks.

A state-wide product shortage means no recreational flower for the time being, but other products are available. like edibles and vape cartridges. The shortage of the flower and inability to purchase it, will most likely last for weeks.

In Rockford, Il at Sunnyside Dispensary, they had to close their doors early yesterday, (Jan. 1) due to the high demand taking a lot of their inventory.

According to their Facebook page, around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, they were stopping recreational sales. For those that showed up later, they were given a ticket that allows them to jump to the front of the line today.

If you have the day off and plan on visiting, it's important to know that their parking lot is reserved for medical card carrying patients only. However, they will be offering free shuttle services. Just like Nature's Treatment, because of the demand, product availability will be limited . Be prepared for long lines and wait times.


Cannabis products can't be taken over state lines and only people 21 and older can legally buy and possess marijuana. For the full law, click here.

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