We've known for awhile that Hurts Donut Company is coming to the Quad Cities. There's been a Hurts Donut Company Quad Cities Facebook page since late June talking about their new store. Well they just announced the new store will be opening this fall!

Before Hurts gets down to selling doughnuts, they're having a little fun with us. They haven't revealed where their new store is. Hurts says construction of their store is well underway and they have their doughnut wrapped ambulance ready to go. However, where they're setting up shop will remain a mystery until next week.

Hurts also says they will open this fall, and the hiring process for the Quad Cities store is about to get underway.

You can check out their Facebook post below:

Their post hasn't generated a lot of speculation over where the new store will be. A couple of people are hoping it's on the Illinois side. A couple of people debating over whether or not it'll be by the TBK Sports Complex or the Old McDonald's location on State Street in Bettendorf. But not much else.

One area no one's mentioned is right down 53rd Street near Elmore. By the new Costco and the soon to be built Portillo's. If you're talking Iowa side, that seems to be one of the hotter areas. I guess we'll just have to wait until someone see's the doughnut wrapped ambulance next week to find out where the store will be located.


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