As a Canadian, I was raised with Tim Horton's donuts and coffee. There is a Tim Hortons on every corner in Canada, like Walgreens is here. My hometown has 45,000 people and they have 15 Tim Hortons locations. Recently, and thankfully, Timmy's has expanded to the U.S.

I have only once ever found a donut that compares to Timmy's and that is Hurts Donuts in Coralville. Our sales guy Todd showed up one morning with a box of Hurts Donuts and he was lucky to get one out of the box for himself before it was devoured.

Hurts now has a donut truck. Think food truck, but even more heavenly. The Hurts Donuts Truck will be in the Quad Cities today with 10% of all sales, plus any additional donations being passed on to Jennifer O'Neill, an employee at Russell Construction who is battling a rare form of cancer.

The Hurts Donut Truck will be in the Russell Construction parking lot at 4600 53rd St East in Davenport at Noon today. Enjoy.

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