It's the season of love so I decided to celebrate by having a cold unloving computer write us a quick love short, but before we dive into that mess let's talk about the wild history of Valentine's day, and the movies that come with it.

The History

The ancient Romans were thought to be responsible for the name “Valentine’s Day”. There are lots of different stories related to this but one of the most popular was that Roman Emperor Claudius II decided that single men were better soldiers and more fit for war than men with wives and children. Because of this belief, he outlawed marriage for young men. Saint Valentine rightfully thought this was pretty messed up and so he continued to marry young couples in secret. He was caught in the act and sentenced to death. But, while he was imprisoned he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter and sent her a love letter on February 14th, the day he was to be executed, signed, “from your Valentine”.

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But where does the actual holiday come from? I’m glad you asked! February 13-15 the Romans celebrated a festival called Lupercalia and the men hit on women by, well, actually hitting them. According to NPR, women would supposedly line up for the men to hit them because it was believed that this would make them more fertile. The festival also included a lottery in which men chose their girlfriends by drawing names out of a jar, very romantic. Later on the church wanted to convert this to a Christian celebration and decided to use it to commemorate St. Valentine.

Making Our AI Love Story.

In summary, this is why Valentine’s Day is devoted to love and hearts and all that cheesy stuff, now let's see how a computer handles this cheesy love!

The way we get the computer, or AI to generate these scripts is by giving it source material. We have it watch love movies and over-the-top valentines day movies.


WOW... That was rough at best, a bit rushed in the end too. I guess computers really don't understand love. What did you think?

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