Illinois police arrested a local government official for driving under the influence and he was beyond wasted.

Many Illinois Residents Have Been In The Same Situation

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Hopefully, it's just a minor miscue when it happens to you. The important thing is to learn from it. If you're paying attention, you can get an education by not repeating other people's troubles. Regardless, I'm suggesting paying a close eye to this particular situation. Unintentionally, there's a lesson to be taught.

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Many of us have been in this same moment in time. You're partying with some friends and get way too drunk. Of course, you probably did some stupid stuff while being super wasted. Maybe, even blackout so you don't remember. I call that a vacation from yourself. The main thing is to not get behind the wheel of a vehicle when you're in that state of mind. No matter what, we all know better than to drink and drive because it's just way too dangerous. Plus, there's no excuse for breaking that law.

Illinois Government Official Arrested For DUI

Local Illinois Government Official Makes Very Bad Decision

Donald Wennlund is the New Lenox Township Supervisor. He made a bad decision that led to a horrible evening. As a person working in government locally in Illinois, he's not setting a good example for the residents of the state. At about 1 am on March 6th, he was arrested for a DUI. Nothing good ever happens after midnight.

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The suspect was driving erratically, so a squad car pulled him over. He acted like a jerk to the police. This man wouldn't answer any questions or take sobriety tests.  During their quick investigation of the situation, the officers figured out he was drunk. The township supervisor couldn't even stand or walk without the cops helping him out. Of course, he was arrested. I'm pretty sure he was so wasted, he won't remember in the morning.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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